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Welcome To Medohis

Medohis is a unique platform that ensures the safety of you and your family while you’re away from the comfort and familiarity of your home. The Emergency Card secures all your medical records in a single place along with your emergency contact details. The platform provides you with easy 24/7 access to an archive of your ongoing and past medical tests, results, diagnosis, and treatments from all over India.

Our user-friendly interface has been designed to withstand emergencies. It effectively showcases all your medical history along with immediate emergency contact both of which come in handy in the situation of a mishap. Not only this, what makes it more secure and effective is the feature that sends a copy of your medical history to the concerned hospital so that the treatment can be prepared to evade all the errors


24/7 Service

Our 24/7 live servers make it easy for you to access your data any time, anywhere which is of utmost importance in cases of emergencies.

Emergency Issue Service

100% availability of health professionals to ensure decreased risk and increased success rate in cases of emergency.

Interactive UI

We have made the UI interactive and easy to understand so that you can hassle-freely upload all the medical history and avail Medihos services conveniently.

Medohis keeps your data protected and secure which can be accessed only by you or the concerned healthcare professionals if and when an emergency emerges.
All your medical history, past prescriptions, medical details, allergies, tolerance, and more can now be accessed within seconds.
Get access to all the useful information in a single place to ensure hassle-free treatment and avoid medical complications.

How it works?

To avail exemplary benefits that the Medohis services provide, all you need to do is follow three simple steps


Medohis brings impeccable advantages that are listed below

Increases the success rate in the emergency case

Minimizes risk and maximizes success rate during emergency cases as the health professionals can have access to all the medical-condition-related information about the patient in a single place.

Provides fast and safe data transfer

Your health records are transferred hassle-freely at lightning-fast speed. Not only this, but Medohis also allows your essential data to be shared with your doctor whenever it is required.

Eases the medical tracking with graphs and tables

Medohis very smartly makes your treatment convenient by making your medical history available to the healthcare professionals of the concerned hospital

Helps to Alert the Emergency Contact

Medohis offers an advanced facility of alerting the immediate emergency contact if any emergency arises. This makes it ideal for unforeseen circumstances such as road accidents, and situations like stroke.

Making your medical history accessible in a go

Medohis Emergency Card makes it easier for medical professionals to access your vital information especially your medical history, helping them to plan your treatment as soon as possible. It sends the copy to the concerned hospital helping them in assessing your condition and taking immediate action.

Travel Worriless Card

People who travel frequently can travel without worrying with the Medohis Emergency Card that stores all of their relevant medical information and emergency contact. All the prescriptions and previous history is stored for convenience and ease of access.

Benefits for Children and Elders

Medohis card can come in handy for people who look after elderly parents or children. Since they are more vulnerable to the health issue, Medohis Emergency Card can help you be attached to them in case any mishap occurs.

Corporate Benefit

Corporates can provide Medohis to all their employees solidifying the trust of the employees in the organizations. This would not only ensure their safety in case of emergencies but also provide them peace of mind that their organization is looking after them.


Anyone who is a frequent traveler

People who have a medical history

People who suffer from multiple chronic ailments

Corporates ensuring the safety of their employees.

People who look after elderly parents, and spouse

Parents ensuring health safety for their children

Corporate Membership

Medical care and health benefits are needs of the hour. The increasing number of health diseases have affected our lives multifariously. Providing an emergency card to your employees or members will help them enjoy special privileges on our entire health care services and increase their trust in the organization.

  • Show your employees or members that you care about their well-being and give them more control over their health.
  • Medohis Emergency card takes the corporate medical responsibility a step ahead and leads to making employees feel even more secured and cared for.
  • Early diagnosis of their disease can help them in planning their leaves in advance
  • Increase your employees’ or members’ loyalty towards your company which results in a healthier and stronger work environment.
  • Makes a significant difference in marketing and sales.
  • Decrease the healthcare-related costs to a great extent
  • It is a gateway for employee engagement activities resulting in happy and committed employees.