Medohis is a platform created to ensure that there are no mishaps in emergency cases. It has been created keeping in mind a quick, efficient, and effective remedy that is required by everyone in unavoidable situations. Medohis offers an emergency card to its users for archiving all the medical history along with the emergency contact details, both of which are most important in the cases of unforeseen circumstances.

We at Medohis understand the importance of health care services and emergencies. Hence, we are trying to bring emergency medical protocols for everyone. Beyond all the needs, the health care of your loved ones is of prime importance.

When it comes to the safety of our family members we try to ensure that we are available for them. However, what if we are not available and an unfortunate incident happens? When this thought crossed the mind of Mr. Amit Sarupria, the founder of Medohis he realized that there is a huge gap in individual safety. Moreover, the unpredictability of mishaps demanded an easy, one-swipe, digital solution. Hence, years of research and analysis gave birth to Medohis Emergency Card.

With the Medohis Emergency card by your side, you can ensure the welfare of your family even in urgent situations. Your absence doesn’t have to mean carelessness. With the Medohis Emergency card, we are trying to move towards a world, that’s independent, interconnected, and safety-driven.

Why Choose Us?

24/7 Service

Our 24/7 live servers make it easy for you to access your data any time, anywhere which is of utmost importance in cases of emergencies.

Emergency Issue Service

100% availability of health professionals to ensure decreased risk and increased success rate in cases of emergency.

Interactive UI

We have made the UI interactive and easy to understand so that you can hassle-freely upload all the medical history and avail Medohis services conveniently.