Medohis Emergency Card brings impeccable benefits to safeguard you and your family members in times of emergency. Even though we always try to be around our family members to safeguard them from mishaps, there can be instances when we are not around. For those times, Medohis Emergency Card is there that is always with them with the following benefits. 

Impeccably advances the success rate in the emergency cases

Medohis Emergency Card helps to minimize the risks by creating access to your medical history to the concerned health professionals. Previous records of the medical history of the patient can ensure the initiation of error-free treatment that increases the success rate.

Provides fast and safe data transfer

Time is of essential value when there is an emergency; hence the Medohis Emergency Card has been designed keeping this in mind. Therefore, as and when required there is a lightning-fast data transfer to the healthcare professionals who are taking care of your wellbeing. This enables them to swiftly act towards planning out your treatment seamlessly.

Eases the tracking of Medical History

Medical history can come in handy when there is an emergency, to assess whether the patient has any previous ailments, or is allergic to any medications. This can conveniently allow the healthcare professionals to initialize important procedures as soon as possible, ensuring error-free and early treatment.

Helps to Alert the Emergency Contact

Contacting the people who are related to the patient or any person in an accident or emergency becomes a hassle. This problem is being solved by Medohis Emergency Card. It offers an advanced facility of alerting the immediate emergency contact if any emergency strikes, which makes it ideal for unforeseen circumstances such as road accidents, and situations like stroke. 

Who all can utilize these benefits?

Even though the Medohis Emergency Card can be used by every, it is extremely beneficial for certain groups that are more vulnerable to mishaps or health issues. Below mentioned are the categories that can avail the benefits of this safety feature if any emergency occurs;

  1. Anyone who is a frequent traveler
  2. People who have a medical history
  3. People who suffer from multiple chronic ailments
  4. Corporates ensuring the safety of their employees or as a part of employee retention program.
  5. People having elderly parents at home
  6. Parents ensuring health safety for their children