Medohis is a unique platform that ensures the safety of you and your family while you’re away from the luxury and availability of your home. We at Medohis encourage you to subscribe to our Emergency Card which is an archive of all your medical records along with your emergency contact details, both of which are the most important pieces of information whenever an emergency situation arises. It is just like a debit or credit card that comes with a QR code which can be scanned through a Paytm / google lens or any other kind of scanner and all data can immediately be accessed by the concerned party. The procedure is simple and easy and is mentioned below:


Get access to the hassle-free services of Medohis by registering yourself for the emergency card. Register and take a portion of your worries away!

Activate your card

To activate your emergency card all you need to do is pay INR 250 to get an annual subscription. Ensure the safety of your loved one against any misfortune!

Add emergency details

To enable the services efficiently and effectively, add emergency contact numbers, the medicines which are suitable in certain conditions, the medicines or salts not suitable in certain conditions, allergic reactions, and more.

Upload the documents

You can now start uploading your documents to the platform to ensure all your medical reports are in one place. 


Please customize your categories in a way that makes sense to you in case of emergencies. Keep in mind that you will be accessing your files in years to come.

Record History

The platform allows members to record their medical history so that it can be accessed immediately in the time of any emergency.