The brainchild of Mr. AmitSarupria, Medohis is an Emergency Card that helps in minimizing the risks in unforeseen situations of emergency and accidents. It is a safety product that safeguards your family when you are not around them. If any medical emergency strikes, Medohis Emergency Card helps the patients by sending their medical history to the concerned health professionals and hospital. This helps them to create a plan of action without any delay and error ensuring a higher success rate.


Not only this, but Medohis Emergency Card also has an exceptional feature of alerting your emergency contact if you have been in an emergency such as an accident or stroke, right away. 


Medohis Emergency Card helps you to register your health records with your previous prescriptions along with your other health data. It asks you to update your medical conditions, like if you’re a diabetic patient, or a high blood pressure patient, or allergic to any of the medications. Also, it stores essential information like your blood group so that if required, the time isn’t wasted in determining it. It is designed to function exceptionally in the cases of accidents and emergencies.


If one gets into such a situation like an accident or any medical emergency, anyone nearby the person can access the Emergency Card and scan the QR Code on the card from Google Lens, or PAYTM QR scanner. This will alert the immediate emergency contacts of the person that the card has been used. Also, it will give access to the medical history of the patient to the healthcare professionals.


Medohis Emergency Card came into existence after Mr. Sarupria saw the gap in individual safety. He realized that there is a product required that can act as one swipe, digital solution in the cases of unpredictable mishaps. Years of research have helped Medohis to come up with this solution that comes in handy to transfer data at a lightning-fast speed to the healthcare professionals looking after your well-being.